Our potato growing operation, involves producing some of the finest Baking and Salad Potatoes, East Anglia has to offer.


Our years of experience, mean we know just how to get the most out of the natural environment, and to produce crops that are suitable for the numerous markets we aim to serve.


Our potatoes are always in demand, both on short and long term agreements, and through careful husbandry, we are able to offer fresh potatoes for a large part of the year.

(See Storage - in "What We Do")

Carrots & Root Crops


Growing Niarobi, and Chantenay varieties, washed and sized over our own dedicated facility, we have built up a reputation for delivering quality carrots, of the exact sizing requirements, by our own portfolio of processing customers.



As one of the largest field producers of Rhubarb in the UK, we pride ourselves in Quality.


This Quality, has opened doors in the UK, and Europe, where we deliver significant tonnages for Canning and Freezing.


This has also attracted interest, and a demand from the UK's Retail and Multiple Markets!